Top-Tier Email Service Included

witH Every Hosting Plan

Email Service Included With Every Plan

All of our plans come with an email service with all the features you could ask for.

You can create an unlimited number of mailboxes under your domain, set up mailing lists, autoresponders and  email forwarders.

You can access the mailboxes with an email client (over POP3 and IMAP) and also via Webmail.

The email service includes powerful anti-spam tools.

Powerful Anti-spam Utilities

Anti-spam utilities on our servers include:
– Real-time blocking lists – messages from known spam sources are blocked on the SMTP level.
– SpamDyke/gray-listing – filtering messages on the SMTP level based on DNS checks.
– Spam Assassin – content filtering based on predefined rules as well as blocking lists, including Bayesian classifier.

Email Backups

We create daily backups of your emails along with other files. Our system backups are stored for seven days for shared plans.

If you need to recover some email messages, try recovering them from our system backups through your Control Panel, or contact our team at for assistance.

No Email Send Rate Limits

Some web hosts place fixed limits on the number of messages one can send per hour. One well-known host limits users to no more than 250 recipients per day.

We do not enforce such limits here. Of course, you are not allowed to send out unsolicited messages (spam) from our servers.

Go ahead and sign up for hosting and get professional email addresses.

We offer an unconditional, 100-day money-back guarantee