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  • Check for required fields
  • Check that username is not already taken.
  • Check that email address is not already registered.
  • Check format of email address entered.
  • Specify secret question and answer to be used when password is forgotten.
  • Require password to be different from the username.
  • Require password to have mixture of digits and alphabet characters
  • Require password to be of specified minimum length
  • All Passwords encrypted before storage
  • Automatically send welcome email with username and password to each newly registered member.
  • Automatically send verification code to newly registered members to activate their account (optional)
  • NEW Automatically send email to admins when new member registers (optional)

Member’s Features

  • Change own details
  • Change own password
  • Automated reset and emailing of forgotten password
  • Send email to Administrators

Administrative Features

  • Easy, Web-based administration – all management is done through your browser
  • Activate Member before that member can log in (if verification code feature is switched off)
  • Add, Edit or Delete Member information
  • Confirmation before deleting Member record
  • Change Member password
  • Deactivate Member
    Automatically email Member upon Activation/Deactivation (if Admin chooses)
  • Post Notices/News for Members
  • Send email to specific Member, to active or inactive members, or to Admins
  • Make Member an Administrator
  • View list of Registered Members
  • View list of Deactivated Members
  • Find specific Member(s) by name (searches name and username)

Buy NowGeneral

  • Only logged in Members can access protected pages (even if URL is typed directly into browser)
  • Only Administrators can access Administration pages (even if URL is typed directly into browser)

Source Code and Support

  • Uses PHP and MySQL
  • Easy installation
    Complete easy-to-follow installation instructions provided (See sample)
  • Complete Source code provided – easy customisation if needed
  • Useful, explanatory comments included throughout the code to make customisation very easy
  • Code to create tables used provided as PHP code and as SQL
  • Free Support through our forum
  • Free email support available

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