About Owen Technologies

Owen Technologies Limited is a Kenyan company that seeks to provide quality IT services at an affordable cost, especially to small and medium-sized organisations.

Owen Technologies was first registered as a business in 1998, and was incorporated as Owen Technologies Limited in 2003.

Why OwenTech?
We believe that Owen Technologies Limited is the right company for your software development needs for two basic reasons:
First, because of the widely skilled and experienced personnel resources available to us, and
secondly because of the basic principles under which we operate.
These principles are:

  • We believe that IT and its benefits should not be the preserve of large organisations. Any organisation (and even individuals) can utilize and enjoy the benefits of IT at their level.
  • We believe that IT should be flexibly customized to your needs and preferences, and not you forced to adapt to IT
  • We believe that users of IT need not be burdened with the task of straining to find out and understand technical details of how IT can help them.
    IT professionals should find this out for them and simply present suitable options for the users to choose.
  • We believe that IT solutions should be of good quality and should actually work as desired.
  • We believe that all work should be done to written and agreed specifications
  • We believe that work done should be guaranteed and backed up with support for a defined time period.
  • We believe that users of IT should be provided with clear instructions on how to use the services provided to them.